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5 stone crossed wire half eternity.

In 18ct and Platinum.

Available in carat weight: 0.50ct total.


0.50ct   £1050.00  18ct.    £1200.00  Platinum.

All diamonds are G VS quality and all rings come with an independent IGR certificate of authenticity.

Click on the diamonds section to view and learn more about  IGR  certification.

Other combinations of Sapphire and Ruby and diamond versions of this ring are available, as well as other diamond qualities.

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0.25ct / 18ct., 0.25ct / Platinum, 0.35ct / 18ct., 0.35ct / Platinum, 0.50 ct . 18ct., 0.50 ct Platinum, 0.50ct / 18ct., 0.50ct / Platinum, 0.75 ct . 18ct., 0.75 ct Platinum, 0.75ct / 18ct., 0.75ct / Platinum, 1.00 ct 18ct., 1.00 ct Platinum, 1.00ct / 18ct., 1.00ct / Platinum